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    About Laoyuan Renovation
    Winnipeg veteran professional decoration team, all works guaranteed for one year! Quality, price, free valuation. We provide emergency water on night and electricity maintenance services.
    Laoyuan Renovation company is Winnipeg's famous, professional Renovation team, with Winnipeg Renovation Industry Huangpu Military Academy's reputation. The company adheres to the construction standard, realistic materials, employment in place, to ensure the cost performance of the first construction spirit, to provide sincere quality Renovation services for Wencun.
    The company undertakes the following business:
    Whole or part of basement decoration;
    Special price distribution box update and upgrade, indoor and outdoor installation and maintenance of all kinds of lamps, switches, sockets, toilet replacement safety exhaust fan, safety socket, delay switch, etc.
    Professional repair: indoor and outdoor paint; Compartments; Bathroom kitchen update; Change various faucets; Update the water pipeline; Updating and unclogging toilet drains; Update kitchen cabinets and countertops; Replace and install range hood, wash basin, etc.;
    Professional installation: refrigerator ice maker, dishwasher, central vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dryer, range hood, water softener, water purifier, humidifier of warm air system, sewer food pulverizer, etc
    2. Repair: Furnace; Hot water tank;
    Floor, carpet paving, repair;
    Open Windows, enlarge Windows and change Windows in the basement;
    Repair, replace and update the damaged roof tiles;
    Loft insulation thickening;
    Garage insulation, automatic door installation and repair;
    Install large French curtains, shutters, large crystal chandeliers;
    Professional lawn, wood or cement Deck, flower bed design and construction;
    All works are guaranteed for one year! High quality, flat price, free valuation.
    Professional distribution: Winnipeg's lowest price Chinese range hoods in all directions (if the price of any similar products is lower than our company within 30 days of purchase, the price difference will be refunded unconditionally); Integral tempered glass shower room;
    New immigrants visit, landing reception, settlement of the whole service;
    Provision of emergency water and electricity maintenance services at night.
    Sincere reputation, sincere construction, fact-based quotation, to provide you with professional and reliable one-stop home services!
    Sincere reminder: the company's operation standard, do things strictly, to ensure that your construction project quality and quantity completed, do not participate in the non-professional decoration team vicious price competition. If you only want to find the lowest price without considering the quality of the project, no matter how big the project, our company will not undertake.
    This company also reminds the general customers, at present in Winnipeg improvised decoration personnel due to unclear standards, technology not pass, to your home brought immeasurable decoration trouble, remind everyone careful!
    Old Yuan decoration thanks Winnipeg old customers for years of good word of mouth and trust!
    Welcome new and old customers!
    Contact number :(204) 963-9579
    WeChat: laoyuanrenovation
    Contact person: Charles